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市政府办公室 General Office of  *  Municipal People’s Government
文书室  Documentary Section
秘书一处 First Secretariat
秘书二处 Second Secretariat
信息处 Information Division
督查室 Supervision & Inspection Section
研究室 Research Office
综合一处 General Division I
综合二处 General Division II
工业外经处 Industry and Foreign Economy Division
农业处 Agriculture Division
财贸处 Finance and Trade Division
建设交通处 Construction and Transportation Division
社会发展处 Social Development Division
外事文体处 Foreign Affairs , Culture and Sports Division
机关党委 Party Committee for Organs
机关工会 Labor Union for Organs
编辑部 Editorial Department
政务公开办公室 Make-government-affairs-public Office
文印室 Photocopy Room
市政府接待办 Reception Office of * Municipal People’s Government
市委接待办 Reception Office of CPC * Municipal Committee
市政协办公室 General Office of CPPCC * Municipal Committee
秘书处 Secretariat
联络处 Liaison Division
文史编辑部 Editorial Department of Culture and History
书画院筹备组 Preparatory Group of  Calligraphy and Painting Academy
办公室 General Office
宣教室 Publicity and Education Section
干部室 Cadre Section
执法室 Law Enforcement Section
党风室 Party Conduct Office
纠风室 Office for Correcting Illegitimate Practices of all Trades
信访室 Office for Letters and Calls
监察举报中心 Supervision and Report Center
纪检一室 Discipline Inspection Section I
纪检二室 Discipline Inspection Section II
经济发展环境投诉监督中心 Complaint and Supervision Center for Economic Development Environment
机关效能监察投诉中心 Government Efficiency Supervision and Complaint Center
组织史办 General Office
调研室 Research and Investigation Section
组织处 Organization Division
干部综合处 Cadre General Division
干部一处 Cadre Division I
干部二处 Cadre Division II
干部监督处 Cadre Supervision Division
电教中心 Audio-Visual Education Center
干部档案室 Cadre Registry
市委宣传部 Propaganda Department of CPC Municipal Committee
办公室 General Office
干部处 Cadre Division
宣传处 Publicity Division
理论处 Theory Division
讲师团 Lecturer Team
网络中心 Internet Center

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